How this project started

This project was inspired by the movie “An Inconvenient Truth”. After watching the movie, I was deeply shocked and convinced of the urgency of the global warming issue. So I started taking CalTrain to work whenever I can. For my own convenience, I created a CalTrain Scheduler/Timetable for my blackberry (also run on other mobile devices). Later I decided to open up the code so train operators can incorporate their train schedules to convenient their riders.


One Response to “How this project started”

  1. las artes Says:

    The Final Destination * (v) – Honestly, you can’t expect much from a franchise that had a neat idea the first time and then has just been trying to come up with creative and increasingly gory ways to kill people ever since, so in that regard, this entry into the franchise (which, it has already been announced, will not in fact be the final one) doesn’t really disappoint. It was another exercise in proving the year’s theme: 3D isn’t worth it – but in the end the movie is too ridiculous to even sit through when you come in with low expectations.

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